Suzi (6 Feb 2011)
"To my 'neighbor to the north' Dewey"

We are right in the middle of the middle of the State...I have a feeling if things got REALLY bad earthquake-wise, we'd be in swamp land! The San Andreas to our West, hooks up with the fault that hit Coalinga really hard in the 80s...if the classic "California falls into the sea" thing happens, this valley will be flooded. Honestly, if we can go over to the Kettleman Hills and pull our sand dollars and other sea fossils, we know that this was an ocean floor at one time.

My daughter has a bunch of 'toy' guns...but they can shoot those hard pellets if you load them with such. My husband is a cop, and only has his 'service weapon'...but he keeps it at his work. Since he thinks I worry for nothing, I doubt that he would bring it home. :(

I keep feeling like I want to invest in some good fences around the property, but we are on 1/2 an acre, a very large expense. Also would love to get some big dogs again (we had them when we were at our last place). But again, I'd need to fence in the front and secure the sides/back better.

Yep, I feel like a pregnant woman, in the 'nesting mode' that every gal who's had babies knows. But this is on a much grander scale.

I too believe we ARE going to go through the beginnings of the 'bad times''s going to get as bad as can be before we are rescued...then it will literally be all 'H' breaking out!!

I decided I am going to open the box on my new dehydrator today, and gonna start using it. I can't afford to go and stock up much, but I can sure use what my own yard supplies (nuts, citrus, olives, grapes...). Even if we are Raptured sooner, at least I can feel like I'm doing something besides waiting and praying.