Suzi (6 Feb 2011)
"To Donna Danna Re: UFOs and 'energy info bursts'"

Yes, they very well could be demons disguised as 'alien lifeforms' (which is exactly what a demon is)...but I still have to wonder and question the use of HAARP in all this. We don't want to give 'credit' to Satan (he loves that)...mankind is just as devious on so many levels.

It's been found and admitted to that HAARP can create images in the sky and they can send 'messages' that some people will pick up as if 'hearing them in their heads'. What better way to influence people? Especially if a well known, respected or revered person gets the 'message'.

I have no doubt that men could be behind this, of course, they'd be doing the work for Satan in the long run, but it would be just as easy for a manifestation of sorts from demons themselves. Either way, it's 'showtime'...and things are only going to more and more bizarre and obvious (to those who watch), and confusing to those who are lost. People without a foundation, like a house built on sand, are easily swayed.

Of course, any of us to speak out against these 'beings' will be the 'nutcases' and the 'fringe'.