Suzi (24 Feb 2011)
"Night sky info plus Dream my daughter had."

Sounds like the only thing in the Eastern Sky in the early AM hours would be Venus.

In an 'off topic but not' category:

I have not been remembering my dreams lately. I think it's because my neck has gotten so bad that I'm having to take pain meds each night. But yesterday I took a midday nap and had a series of odd dreams, and told my daughter. She said, 'I had a really strange dream the other night....I remember being out in some desert somewhere with other people, and I noticed what looked like a small sliver of the moon, but first I thought it was a trick of the light since the moon was also there, then I noticed, as the sky got darker (she said at first it was like how you can see the moon during the day sometimes), that there were a bunch of these 'moons'. She said she pulled out her phone and said/thought to herself, "I need to record this and upload it NOW"....'cuz I knew I was going to die'. She said it became obvious that they were 'alien ships'.

Just that little snippet of dream.

We started talking about it after they ran a clip of the new movie coming out 3-11-11, "Battle: Los Angeles". I was walking out of the room during the commercial and she said, 'they used our local news?'. I was confused and said something about how scary it was that 'they' seem to be getting us ready for 'something'. She said, it looked like our REAL local news reporting as if it were REAL. I guess like a "War of the Worlds" thing. They ran a different clip later, so I didn't see what she saw. I told her things were coming to a head...the stuff in the Middle East, the Christchurch earthquake...things like this movie and other 'alien' things (we were watching "V"). That's when she told me about her dream, 'that seemed so real'. She said in it she was stressed with the fact that she had to get the images 'out there as soon as possible, because I was gonna die'.

Very odd all around.