Suzi (21 Feb 2011)
"Thank you Eric on the 'long hair' answer! "

I wanted to post something on 'how long is long'...

A woman's hair would have been left to grow, but a man 'trimmed' his. Even the image on the Shroud showing the 'parted' beard is in line with 'fashion' at the time.

The fact that scientists have said that there is NO WAY the Shroud's image was 'man made' is enough of a miracle (although I believed it to be real before those 'tests'). The fact that '3 D' layers are 'in' the design of the image is beyond what anyone could do today with the materials available 'back then' (even if we use the incorrect date of the piece of edge cloth tested).

We still come back to the fact that if indeed the Shroud is real, the Resurrection somehow 'zapped' a 'photo of eternity' onto this linen, then of course, the 'time' of the fibers themselves would be 'off'.

Another thing that has always struck me is the Catholic Church's reluctance for more tests, the fact that they purposely only gave the edge fibers (knowing they were an addition), I've always thought that they were afraid of the Shroud being 'proved false', so they set it up so that there was an 'out'. I think the Shroud speaks for itself. It shows a level of medical knowledge unknown even in the 13th century, it shows forensic evidence that criminologist/medical techs have just come to realize in recent years. It shows a photo-technology that we are JUST NOW becoming able to see/understand. This is not man made. This leads people to Jesus. How is this a threat or danger to anyone? Worshiping the Shroud would be wrong...but looking at it as a gift from God? I see no harm and only good for those who need to 'see to believe'. I see a confirmation for those who believe without seeing. I see the face of my Lord.