Suzi (21 Feb 2011)
"Thank you BC, well said re: Shroud"

Having done my own research, both before becoming a Christian and after, I always believed the Shroud to be 'supernatural'...meaning 'beyond the natural'...not made by human hands. I also agree that Satan would be a tad put out that something he may have done would actually LEAD people to Christ. :)

I am fascinated by it because as an unbeliever in my youth, I saw the 'science' in it all. As a mature person (well, that's actually debatable)...I see how the 'science' only proves it even more. In fact, with the latest documentary on the Shroud, we see that our technology is just now able to perceive how much 'science' is woven into that simple linen. Yes, there is some confusion over the word 'cloth' vs 'strips' vs 'clothes', but I too agree that is splitting hairs. When translating, one could say 'the burial garments he wore were left as if still wrapped around a body that simple wasn't there any longer'. The mention of the face cloth (napkin) being there 'folded and laid aside' is just, for me (as the wife of a cop), proof that no one came in and 'tampered with the scene'.

No matter what the Shroud has, as you stated, led more than one person to the reality of WHO/WHAT Jesus IS!!

Praise Him!!