Suzi (2 Feb 2011)
"to Nicole"

I have the dvd "The Bethlehem Star", I love it!

I was just talking to my husband about when I was seeking...and one of the things that Satan uses is taking what God has made and trying to 'make it his own'. He twists, perverts and manipulates the things that are good and true and made for our edification.

One of those things is the very simple fact that the Heavens Declare His Glory. The sky, the lights that are there, in the formations they exist, spell out, as in a 'connect the dots' picture book, everything we ever need to know about the past, present and future. They are all about God, who is the same, yesterday, today and forever.

As the presentation in The Bethlehem Star states, the Magi knew the importance of the 'sky' as 'instruction book'. They had kept the knowledge that God gave all mankind, but had been corrupted via Satan and his influence over time. Remember, it was the Magi who had to inform even the 'learned' men in Herrod's court about his miracle the 'sky' spelled out! They, the 'wise ones' (wiccan translates roughly as 'wise one'), did not know the truth, it had been erased from their knowledge. But, these travelers from the East, they knew the basics and could read the signs the way God had set it up to be known.

So many times, the very basic things that God set up for us to know, have been discarded because Satan get's his claws into it and makes it 'unBiblical'. We had the study of the stars, sun, planets...placed there purposely to tell us the 'signs and seasons', turn into 'astrology' and become 'evil' and 'dangerous'. We have natural herbal knowledge of 'wildcrafting', knowing the plants and herbs that God gave us for our use and benefit turning into herb magic. Scientist know now that colors and lights can affect our brains and create a change in our emotions, feelings and well being...but Satan took that info and turned it into 'candle magic' and 'color magic'. It's just science, and it was known for eons, but became corrupt with the influence of ungodly people to the delight of Satan.

There was a time when 'we' communed with God. He walked with 'us' in the Garden...we had it all. Then 'we' fell for the oldest trick in the book, a 'snake oil salesmen' trying to get 'us' to believe that we could have what was not rightly ours. Wiccans (well, 'some' of them) say that Eve was the first witch. She was 'smart enough' to realize that she COULD 'be as God' and know the 'hidden or forbidden knowledge' (that is the rough translation of the word 'occult'). *sigh*

We could have been living in that perfect place, in that perfect condition, with our daily walks and talks with the Lord...all but for the pride and arrogance of Satan who wanted to prove a point, and, I guess, 'misery loves company'.

But, just because he has corrupted the information that God set up for us, does not mean that we are not to know about it, use it and learn from it. It's all right there...literally in 'black and white'....the night sky, the black velvet backdrop with the white stars laid out as a story book for us to follow. We just have to realize, acknowledge and give Praise to the Author and Creator of this 'book'...and not worship 'it', but He would made it.

I think I will watch The Bethlehem Star again! I suggest everyone to get this and just sit in awe of the God we serve!