Suzi (19 Feb 2011)
"Re: The Shroud (again)"

We have gone over this before. We not only must take Scripture for what it tells us, but we must also know the burial customs of the time. That first, initial 'face cloth' or 'napkin' (meaning a smaller cloth than the usual long strip of linen), would have been placed over His face as soon as He was brought down from the cross. It would have been removed prior to the wrapping with the burial cloth (clothes- that in which a body was 'dressed' for burial). He was NOT 'wrapped mummy style' as Lewis suggests....but rather, a long, wide strip of linen was used. He would have been laid upon it, and it would have been brought up and over His head and down on top of Him, then they would have tucked it over onto His body and then long strips of linen would have been wound around Him to encase Him in the 'burial cloths(es)'. You cannot confuse the language used from then to now. We bury our dead in regular 'clothes', that does not mean the same thing as what was customary back then. The 'clothes' just meant the traditional way a body was 'dressed'/'prepared'...Also remember, they had not completely finished with the proper burial traditions...since the Sabbath had come. That is why the women were on their way to the tomb to finish the work. He'd have been loosely bound up...not 'fully dressed' as was the custom.

Just the fact that the smaller cloth still exists, and has matching blood stains as the Shroud without the 'image' (which is a combo of 'aged/radiated' type markings and the blood stains), says that that small cloth was removed before the larger 'shroud' was put into place. It would have been laid aside, most likely with love and care. The fact that the cloth (both shroud and 'napkin') were left behind was shocking to those who found the empty tomb, since they'd most certainly think The Body had been stolen. The confusion as to WHY steal the body and leave the cloth...and the HOW of removing a body from a bound up state...while the cloth laid there as if a body had been simply 'evaporated' out of it. The marvel of it all would have been mind boggling. I think we are told the 'napkin' was still there, left as it was, it to tell us that NO PERSON had entered the tomb since the last time they were there. Basically, things were 'as is', 'untouched', yet Jesus was simply 'vanished'.

For me, the Shroud is just another 'proof' of the miracle of the Resurrection, a puzzle as was stated, that only with today's technology can fully be appreciated. One does not NEED it to believe, but when one does, when you take in the extreme SCIENCE behind this object, we HAVE to realize just how beyond our understanding things go.

Quibbling over word usage is have to look into burial customs of the times, along with what Scripture tells us, then you can see just what is what.