Suzi (19 Feb 2011)
"thanks Fay!"

I've been feeling the 'urgency' since '08! That's when it really kicked in. I was never 'into politics', and that's when it all came down on me that watching the news WAS watching the Word play out in 'real time'. Wow.

We are going through a bit of spiritual attack again...seems like this happens every few months in my family. Please pray for peace between me and my mine. It seems that sometimes, nothing I do is 'right' or 'good enough'.

I'd read about how the weather was going to affect food prices in the coming months...common sense. I'm old enough I remember when a wet season made lettuce a delicacy around here, tomatoes too...or when an unseasonable freeze not only destroyed the citrus crops just a few miles away, but crippled a local economy. Now, with the mega storms and freezes, we're going to see that on a much larger scale. I bought up some canned peaches, packed in their own juice with expiration dates of '15. 2 cans for $1. I was telling my husband, (since I can't work, I have to 'save' $ where I can). I was met with negativity about 'wasting money' on things we may not use. *huh?* I got 10 cans....he can go through those in 10 days!! I was just adding $5 to my regular shopping, in hopes of saving money down the road. I know it's not that big a deal, but I'd already been 'beaten up' over some other financial stuff that day. I'm worn down. I am so ready to 'go Home'.