Suzi (19 Feb 2011)
"Just an FYI re: "V""

Next week's episode is entitled, "Birth Pangs".

Who, even uses that phrase anymore? Seriously, people think it's 'birth PAINS'...only those who read The Word know that the early stages of labor, those 'twinges' that a woman feels that tell her it's 'almost time' are known as 'pangs'.

For those who are watching, did you notice the fact that the Priest was 'defrocked'...and when his superior noted that he'd warned him that if he kept denouncing the "Vs", he'd 'lose his faith'...the good Father remarked quite boldly that he had NOT lost his faith!! I love that his 'collar', his 'religion' had NOTHING to do with this belief, his faith, his love of God. wow. good stuff.

Anna is still after the human 'soul'. How can anyone NOT see how this show is a mirror to what is happening in the world today. I know they are missing it though. In fact, some of my good 'online friends', who are conservative (although not all Christian) are complaining about the plot holes and weak story lines...but they do not see the 'big picture'. Yes, my daughter who is a film student noted many editing and continuity problems...and we want to whack the boy and his mom upside the head and tell them to COMMUNICATE with each other. The 'plot holes' are large enough to drive a truck through too...but still...the underlying message is so true, so real and it's either a warning, a tease, or someone else is aware of what many people are expecting.

On one of my regular 'online hangouts' I was very tempted to post info about 'alien/fallen angels' "breeding" with human women, when one gal was confused as to why they'd even want/need to do that....I just didn't want to try to get into it all with someone who does not understand. I just mentioned how it is very similar to what the Bible speaks of "as in the Days of Noah", and how those events will play into the Last Days/End Times. I'm sure they will think I'm even nuttier than they already do! :) hehe. I'm used to that though.

Can't wait to see what else they come up with. I'm wondering if the creative team behind this series know Tom Horn's work, or other writers/schools of thought behind the concept of aliens being fallen angels? hmmmmm....

Will be interesting to see what happens next. *for those asking, I think we watched last week's ep on 'Project Free TV'*