Suzi (19 Feb 2011)
"To R1000"

I never said I was 'praising' the Shroud.

You use scripture about hair length and the "Priests" as 'proof'? Jesus was NOT accepted in that 'world' of the 'church'...He was not 'one of them'.

God was 'well pleased' not because Jesus followed the 'rules' as laid down in the OT, but because He came to fulfill and remove that burden of trying to 'be good enough' (which we never can attain).

You have every right to believe as you like. I have looked into the Shroud for years. I see it as a scientific wonder that can only be explained by the miracle of is not necessary for faith, it is physical proof that our faith is true.

Your mileage may vary.

If you notice, the image would have been a 'snapshot' of what Jesus looked like in death...proof that He WAS actually DEAD...if it had a beautiful/perfect, untouched look, THEN I'd cry foul. The man on the shroud was beaten, he was bruised, abused and wore the stripes to take away my sin. God gave us an actual photograph of the event, just so, today, we could see what went on. You do not have to believe it. But please, don't give credit to Satan on things you do not believe, agree with or understand. He does enough bad stuff without giving him every little thing.

The carbon dating on the shroud was also taken from a snippet of the edge that historians knew was added around that time of the dating in a repair. Most of those who worked on the shroud did not believe...yet many, walked away from the experience BELIEVERS. If ONE man came to Christ from this piece of linen (again that fits with the customary burial rituals of that time and place), then it was worth it for miracle God performed to create it.