Suzi (17 Feb 2011)
"To Ed & Fay re: age of Shroud"

This is exactly the thing my son told me years ago (when he was about 17)....he said that the energy that created the universe touched that cloth, totally changing it from the 'age' it was to whatever it became when Jesus was 'jolted' back to life. This is beyond science, this is the power of God Almighty. These 'brainiac' types who 'think' they 'know' what's what...are so ignorant in their 'intelligence'. If they can't explain how everything came to be, how do they expect to figure out how this cloth would have been affected.

Their explanations only work if you disregard the TRUTH that is that the cloth WAS the burial cloth of Jesus and WAS touched 'by eternity' during the miraculous event that changed everything (including a strip of linen).

I think the whole reason we even have the cloth, the reason it's been protected and saved for us now, it simply so our technology today can show us, just exactly how much we DO NOT UNDERSTAND. hehe. Love it.