Suzi (14 Feb 2011)
"Donna Danna on Fallen Angels"

I completely agree about how 'fallen angels', ie demons....can and do appear differently to different people. I think when someone sees a 'ghost' and they are sure it's a dead loved one, or worse yet, appears as someone they could not have known yet later find out via photographs that 'it was a former home owner' or what not. This is just another way for the enemy to trick us into believing things that are 'anti-Christian' schools of thought.

My son is very sensitive to things spiritual. He saw a 'punk rocker' type teen, just before the 'emo' styles came into 'fashion' (this was about 8-9 yrs ago), he was walking through the mall, and walking behind this teen was a huge 'demon' had a leash attached to the boy...but it was not the kid 'pulling' the demon, but the demon 'leading' (as in a dog and walker) the kid! He saw it as if in a flash of one 'frame' in a movie, it was there, then it was gone. I've 'seen/felt' dark shadows dart out of the corner of my eyes.

When people 'see' aliens, I think it's usually however thing 'think' they should look...sometimes just according to local myth and legend.

I'm still on vacation, so I can't read/ans more than a bit at at time.