Suzi (12 Feb 2011)
"Thank you Doves, for Prayer and input on "V""

I wanted to address each letter, but I am rushed for time as we are on a mini vacation and I'm keeping my hubby awake in the hotel room tapping away at nearly 1am!

I'm going to start checking into the writers for "V", and the creators, because yes, it is so very fact, a couple weeks ago we mentioned the 'breeding' was amazing to KNOW what 'they will do next', cuz, well, it's pretty much "Text Book"! :)

My daughter is friends with the girlfriend of one of the directors, but he is very tight lipped about stories and such.

I just wanted to clarify and be honest, I tuned in simply for 'entertainment', because I am a fan of Morena (who plays Anna), having 'known' her (as in meeting her at events and hoping she'd find a role that was perfect for her ever so subtle talent)...but when I first saw the pilot, I was shocked and amazed at the message hidden in plain sight! Now, it's just become a 'what are they going to do next'? type thing.

We are traveling tomorrow to a new hotel, my youngest daughter works with celebrities (she takes the money and assists them during autograph shows). It's fun, seeing all the old actors and our family just has a blast hanging out. (we did Disneyland today just for a 'hunt' finding all the history woven in the park.

We'll be home late Monday and I'll barely have time to check in, so, until then, keep us in prayer as we travel. Jessi's two friends who were both injured were doing well, last time she check in on them. We were hoping to get to know the one young man better (he was supposed to come with us)...he's been a Christian for 5 years and really likes that my daughter was not 'upset' when he told her he wanted to get to know her before 'dating' her. Actually, he was shocked when she was in total agreement. :)

Blessings to all, and thank you for keeping us in prayer and posting Scriptures to bless me!

Check in later!