Suzi (1 Feb 2011)
"Dewey and preparing"

Hi Dewey,

I'm also in California, South of where you described. I've always figured if a REALLY 'big one' hit, we'd either be over run with people escaping from the bad areas, or we'd be 'beach front property'. I saw a map of a projection of what 'could' happen if some larger quake really did a job on a series of fault lines, and it actually has us UNDERWATER.

There was a time when I felt a very urgent need/nudging to PREPARE....but it has faded a bit to just 'be ready'. I still try to rotate my canned goods, buy extra water and things when I can...although I am very unorganized, so maybe that's why I'm feeling the 'be ready', because I'm not! I want to get rid of stuff we don't really need and organize what we have that we will. I have so many supplies, but no method to my  madness.

I agree with the idea that there will be many 'bad guys' out there just looking for someone who HAS prepared. There was a rather mean joke going around before "Y2K" was something like, "I don't need to prepare, I just need to find the house where the Mormon lives"....since they've always believed they WILL go through the "Mad Max" sort of 'End Times'.

I guess the idea of preparing for 'bad times' seems odd to me, since we've never had anything that needed 'prepping' for, yet I have online friends from all over the Country who have to 'survive' for days/weeks on what they have stored due to seasonal weather! That just boggles my mind. Of course, they were shocked that I didn't have an 'Earthquake Kit' at the ready, since I live in CA. heh.

I guess, bottom line is, 'Hope for the Best, Prepare for the Worst'.