Susan Waigwa (7 Feb 2011)
"Cyclone Yasi hits Australia"


This was prophesied by Prophet of the Lord, Dr. David Owuor.  I listened to him in You Tube when he gave this message to Australia and he specifically said NE of Australia would be hit by a huge wave of water such as he had never seen before. Wow!!!


Feb 2  Satellite imagery showed the eye within 100 miles of Cairns.

Australians flee, jam shelters ahead of Catagory 5 cyclone.

Floods from multiple storms in eastern Australia, while fires in the west have killed 200 people.


60 mph winds and raging seas are battering Queensland coast as massive Cyclone Yasi approaches.

The category 6 storm made landfall between Townsville and Cairns, roads and airports were within hours of closing in low areas.

Potentially catastrophic wind, rain and storm tide are overspreading the Queensland posing threat to life and property.

Forward speed was 20 mph, highest sustained winds 150 mph.


Feb 1  Australians evacuate as cyclone aims for NE coast, 3 feet of rain possible.

Cyclone Yasi forcing evacuations in waterlogged northeast Australia, military helicopters evacuated hospital patients.

Yasi is forecast to directly hit Cairns with wind gusts up to 155 mph and up to 3 feet of rain.

AUSTRALIA is contending with GOD :