Steve Oglesby (25 Feb 2011)
"Presidents day special"

I have been looking all week on 5 doves for some comments from Mondays Chris
Matthews special. If you missed it, the show was called

" The World President " starring Bill Clinton. Im sure most are aware that our
boy Bill really didnt want to leave the white house, he loved the power the
office brought. What is interesting that the Chris Matthews special was showing,
is the unbelievable popularity he has all over the world. On his special he
showed the crowd reaction when he arrived. Matthews also got comments from
people that worked with and for the Clintons over the years. He also got
comments from celebrities, one very interesting comment came from Kevin Spacey,
he was saying that he was at some rally ( i dont recall the country ) and when
Clinton came into their view they were chanting  PEACE MAKER - PEACE MAKER
PEACE MAKER well this sent a red flag for me, could this be the Antichrist. We
can only wait and see. I know there are a lot of candidates,
Obama being one of them, and i know some of you will be thinking that the
Antichrist will not be known until after the Rapture, and you could be right,
however i feel the people that are really watching can and will come up  with
some intelligent guesses.
           Maybe nobody watched the special is because we just cant stomach
Chris Matthews, im one of those people, but i caught wind of his Presidents day
special the week before, and what caught my ear was "The World President" so i
had to watch. If you didn't see it, maybe they will replay it. Check MSNBC
listing. It was definitely crazy.