Steve Coerper (21 Feb 2011)
"National Christmas Tree Toppled"
Dear John and Doves:
The nation’s most energy-efficient National Christmas Tree doesn’t appear to be the nation’s most energy-resistant one. The 42-foot tall Colorado blue spruce snapped at its base Saturday morning in Washington.
While the cause of the tree toppling is yet unknown, the National Weather Service issued a “High Wind Warning” for the DC area Saturday noting that, “heavy wind gusts between 25 and 60 mph” were expected and supposed to be at their strongest right around the time a tipster told CNN the tree was downed.
The prophetic implications of this are staggering.  Recall how a snapped-off tree had prophetic implications for Nebuchadnezzer ... and that seven "times" would transpire.  (Daniel 4:23)
Connect the dots as you see fit.  Bottom line:  we in the U.S. can't say we haven't been warned.

Holiness to the Lord!
Raleigh, North-Carolina
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