Stefen L (28 Feb 2011)
"Jerusalem UFO...What Does It Mean?"

Hi Doves,
I wanted to comment and shed light on a video I recently saw on youtube regarding an apparent ufo sighting over Jerusalem on Jan. 28, 2011 at 1am, and what it might mean.
Now for starts, I dont beleive in aliens or life from other planets...I personally believe these things belong to the spirit realm and are demonic in nature, as they usually instill fear or harm to the contactees, and also draws peoples attention away from God.
So looking at the videos it is obvious that this "ufo" wanted to be seen, afterall what ufo decends over the dome of the rock/temple mount of all places then puts on a show while tourists are walking around with cell cameras and camcorders. Were not talking about some slightly shiny object you can barely see flying over the sky in the middle of no where...this was a blatant manifestation of something, a bright light in plain sight descending over the temple mount complex in front of hundreds of tourists with camcorders.
There has to be something to this. As I was watching, I noticed that it took EXACTLY 9 seconds to descend...then once it stopped it took EXACTLY 23 seconds before it emmitted some sort of electric pulse...then from the electric pulse EXACTLY 1 second before it ascended. Then there were 4 red lights moving in the sky where it ascended followed by 1 small white flash at the end (you can only see that white flash in some videos).
Heres my interpretation: 9 seconds of descent is the 9th month, September. 23 seconds before electric pulse is 23 days. Now the 1 second after pulse to ascent is the (1) in 15. The 4 red lights plus the 1 last white light equals 5...So...9/23/15...all over the temple mount!!!
If this happened anywhere else I wouldnt think anything of it...but it happened in Jerusalem, over the temple mount front of everyone. I dont know if the date and time has any significance but maybe some of you other doves can shed light.
See it for yourself, there are multiple videos from multiple people recording it from multiple vantage was meant to be seen: count from BEGINNING of descent TO end of descent...9 seconds count from END of descent TO ascent...23 seconds count FROM flash/electronic pulse TO ASCENT...1 second, you can also see the 4 red lights in this clip. They keep on flashing but its the 4 same lights flashing. in this video you can see that 1 flash at the very end...its at the right hand side clip.
What do you think about this???