Spoely (6 Feb 2011)
"The Case against Beck - Shattered"


I do believe that many of you that have Beck peg as an unclean sinner should not be so quick to judge.  Here are some of my very recent thoughts on this argument:


God can use any man, woman or animal for his purposes.  Throughout the Bible and history the stories abound of His plan used through people, tribes, and animals.  Even in the case of Jonah, He used a plant to deliver a message.  At one time, He used something as crazy as manna to feed His people.  God can use Glenn Beck anyway He wants to AND He will continue to do so, no matter what those on these Five Doves will try to stop HIM.  God is in control at all times.


Many of you used the absence of Joel Rosenberg as proof that Glenn was finally going to spring his Mormonism on us all.  (He still might, but I remember when Elton John sprung his homosexuality on us all and no Christians died.)  But guess what, Joel Rosenberg is back and he did not miss a beat to proclaim his beliefs in our God.


I witnessed today (Friday Feb 4, 2011) Joel Rosenberg confess to all watching on FOX news that he (Joel) is an evangelical Christian and “Israel has its God on its side.”  Ooops, did Joel slide one by Glenn Beck and his “flaming’ Mormonism?”  Ohhhh, must be God that got that one through.


Later in the show, as Glenn was wrapping up…Joel Rosenberg stated when asked, BY GLENN, what the solution is; Joel’s answer: “we have our faith in Jesus Christ to help us through.”  Did Glenn try to cover this up?  Did he quickly turn to the cameras and say “CUT.”  No…he accepted the comment and moved on.  Looks like God got another one through!  (You might be happy to know that 2.5 million people watched Glenn Beck on Thursday night, so how many turned in Friday?  Don’t know, but I would guess close to the same number.)


Now there are quite a few people on this forum that have discussed the 12th Iman and how the Islamist world wants to see him come.  Our enemy from Iran, is hoping to ‘hasten his coming.’  Let me ask all of you:  “What national TV show host is even willing to talk about the 12th Iman?”  Would it be Matt Lauer from NBC, Katie Couric from CBS, or even Bill O’Reilly from Fox?  NO!   It is our controversial and “terribly misguided” Glenn Beck. 


Yes, this post is turning into an invitation to watch Glenn Beck as sometime next week he is bringing Joel Rosenberg back to discuss the 12th Iman.




**I apologize if I offend anyone by my sarcasm, but I have been very saddened by the attack against Glenn Beck on this forum.  These feelings really are based on my first major point, which is God can use Glenn at any time.  If God wanted Glenn to shut up, He could take care of that Himself.  He doesn’t need help from anyone else.  Today, I witnessed with my very own eyes and ears, how God is using Glenn Beck to further His Ways.