Sonny (23 Feb 2011)
"Five Doves Family, I Need Your Eyes, Please"

Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Yesterday (Monday-2/21/11)I left my home in California's central valley to drive my daughter down to Long Beach Airport in Southern California to catch her flight back to college.  We left at 2:30am to get her there by 6:30 and give her time to clear security before her 8am flight.

I'm not sure when it first appeared, but about 4:30am I first noticed a very, very bright light to the East/South East, just above the mountains.  It was so bright I thought it was a beacon on a tower in the distance, but it wasn't flashing or rotating, just a bright, silvery white light that was sort of wavering a bit. After seeing that I was not leaving it behind, I thought it might be a star, but it was way too big and too bright.  I then thought it might be an approaching airplane's lights that only appeared to be stationary, but again, no flash and no movement. I then thought it might be a helicopter because it was not traversing the sky but just staying in one place, but it was too still for that too.  I watched this thing for nearly 2 hours wondering all the time what it could possibly be. During that time it gradually rose in the sky to be still to the south east but much higher in the sky.

This thing was unbelievably big and bright--like ten north stars pushed together.  I've never seen anything like it in my life.  I am sure it was not a planet.  I am sure it was not a star. Nor was it an airplane, helicopter, rocket or missile.  My best guess is that it was an unannounced comet of startling brilliance.

If so, could each of you look up from your locations and see what you may see from wherever you may be over the next few nights?

I observed this phenomena between 4:30am and 6:15am Pacific Time. You can adjust your observation times for your time zones and latitudes accordingly. It started low in the east/southeast and slowly ascended over that period of time to a higher point in the sky but moved in a direction and speed consistent with the earth's rotational arc.  It was so bright that it still looked like a spotlight in the sky after dawn when the sky was already blue.  I lost sight of it only when I ran into clouds over Los Angeles.

I will be looking for it again too. Please let me know if any of you see anything.  It could be significant in light of Our Lord's prophecies.
Thank You