Simon (24 Feb 2011)
"Voice in Ural Mountains vs Arab situation"

Dear doves,


Yesterday as I was watching the news on what is happening in the Arab world, I remembered a message that I sent in 2008 after one of my dreams (see below). This afternoon I then searched the term “Ural mountains” and I found the following portion:


“From the 13th century, in Bashkortostan there has been a legend about a hero named Ural. He sacrificed his life for the sake of his people and they poured a stone pile over his grave which later turned into the Ural Mountains”




This portion from wikipedia reminded me of how the current situation was started by a man who sacrificed his life in Tunisia.


Lets continue to watch and pray!





Sent: 18 August 2008 18:13
To: ''
Subject: Voice from Ural Mountains - Georgia vs Russia?

Importance: High

Dear doves,


Sometime before 2007 (could be 2004-2006) I had a strange dream. In the dream, a voice (or sort of a shout) came from the Ural Mountains. That voice ushered in a lot of violence and killings. It was as if the voice gave permission to a certain people to just go about killing others. The violence then spread world-wide. In the dream, I just concluded that the voice gave Arabs/ Islamic people to go on killing others. Today I was just wondering whether that voice could have been referring to situation between Georgia and Russia.


Just a thought.


God bless you for watching.