Simon (1 Feb 2011)
"Re: Leigh 2nd Sun"

Dear Doves, 

This article has reminded me of two strange dreams that I have communicated to doves. 

The first one took place in 2004 and below find an extract from  a message sent to doves in 2006 (responding to Meriam Brown): 

You mentioned Comet Swan and that reminded me of yet another dream I had in May 2004 (see copy of post sent to doves attached). In that dream, the rapture took place at the same time (simultaneously) when a very strange “star or comet or planet” visible to the naked eye just appeared. Strangely (in the same dream as the rapture was taking place i.e. my family and I were going up), a man whom I admire for his courage and leadership was revealed as the antichrist. It won’t be reasonable to release the name because we are not sure that the dream is from God. 

NB: The man in the dream was President George Bush. 

The second took place last year when I attended a meeting in Italy (I’m not sure whether I communicated with the doves about this one). In the dream I could see in the sky something like a moon and a star (not so far away from each other but not very close either). From my point of view the star was on the right side of the moon. While I was starring at the moon something like a supernova or ball of fire was circling around the moon when I looked at the star the same thing was taking place (i.e. the ball of fire was also moving around the star). It was just strange! 

Let’s keep watching and evangelizing!!