Sherry Vance (17 Feb 2011)
"Letter to Those I care About"

I am sending this letter to my grand kids; but it is what I would like ALL of you to know and understand.  I wish we could have started this conversation way back because now there is not much time left and there is so much to try to fill you in on; but I felt it wouldn't be either received nor appreciated, but I should have tried anyway.  You see, I know that people (including me) were taught in church what seemed right.  But there are many things that have been taught in error and misunderstood and God says to follow Him, not men.  I'm not saying I'm right about everything and church was wrong....what I'm saying is, God tells us to search out matters, to rightly divide the Word of Truth, to study to shew thyself approved, a workman that needeth not be ashamed.  And that is what I've been doing for a long time....but because what I've found in God's Word does not always match what the pastor or preacher says, alot of people have discarded what I've tried to show them, even though they won't check it out for themselves.  I'm not judging them because it is hard to break from traditional thinking and to reject the commonly taught doctrines.  But it is ultimately the Holy Spirit Who teaches us.
    Take for instance the doctrine of "Imminence."  That church-taught doctrine says that ever since Jesus ascended, He could have, or can, come at any moment.  The church bases this on the thinking that the disciples and early church believers looked for Jesus to return in their lifetimes.  While it's true that many did expect Him to return, we have to remember the New Testament was not even written yet.  They did not have the full revelation of the church yet.  Not only that, all of the prophecies pertaining to His Second Coming had to be fulfilled before He returned - such as Israel had to be back in her Land....which didn't happen until 1948!  How could Jesus return to the Mount of Olives and enter through the Eastern Gate onto the Temple Mount if Israel was not back in the Land God promised to return her to?  You see, God doesn't let things happen randomly or unexpectedly.  He has a SET TIME, an Appointed Time, to fulfill everything He said He would.  What is it that He promised to fulfill?  Daniel 9:27 tells us exactly what He must fulfill >>> "to finish the transgression, and to make an end of sins, and to make reconciliation for iniquity, and to bring in everlasting righteousness, and to seal up (conclude) the vision and  prophecy, and to annoint the Most Holy (to crown Jesus the King of Kings)" and to let the Kingdom on Earth begin.  In other words, God has a Set Time when He will make an end of all things cursed on this earth - to bring in His Kingdom of Righteousness in which no more sin will be found.  He couldn't do this until Israel was once again a nation and had control over Jerusalem.  Thus, you can see the importance of why Israel had to be a nation again....why the parable of the Fig Tree showing Israel's birth and growth and maturity had to come about.
    The parable of the Fig Tree (The Fig Tree is Israel - born "in a day" with the U.N. vote on May 14, 1948....grew leaves (gained and increased the land area that God had covenanted to them through Abraham through wars they never initiated - then in their 20th year (just as in Moses day the 20th year was considered the year of maturity & accountability) and in June 1967 (their 20th year of becoming a nation again) they took national responsibility and reunified Jerusalem for the first time in 2,000 years.)
    When Jerusalem again became the Capital of Israel, it started the "generation" which Jesus spoke of in Matthew 24, which would not pass till all things be fulfilled. Jesus was referring to the first generation of Israel in Moses' day, when all of the generation that he led out of slavery in Egypt had to DIE because they could not enter the Promised Land due to their rebellion against God.  Only those 19 yrs. and under could enter the Promised Land. 
    So Jesus SET A TIME for us to KNOW that the generation which saw these things happening (the second time Israel became a nation) then we would know that THIS GENERATION -SINCE 1967- WOULD NOT "PASS AWAY" (as the first generation did) UNTIL EVERYTHING WOULD BE FULFILLED.
    What is amazing -and what most people don't realize simply because they haven't "put it together" is that from 1967 (when the generation began which would not pass away until Jesus returns, is that the 40-year generation ended in 2007 - and the last week of 7 years (known as the 70th Week of Daniel - the LAST Week determined for Israel to come to redemption) began that year, 2007.  We are now almost half way through those last 7 years.  There can be NO DOUBT where we are in history according to God's Timeline.  Soon, at the midpoint of the 70th Week (THIS YEAR 2011) the three and a half year great tribulation will begin.  Thus, if the Rapture is to happen before the time of God's wrath and great tribulation, the Rapture must happen before the midpoint (March).  
    We have been trying to figure out the count FROM the end of these last 7 years (when Jesus will return on Rosh HaShannah 2014) and it all focused on the last Fall Feasts that Jesus must fulfill at His coming.  He has already fulfilled the 4 Spring Feasts at His First Advent.  He will fulfill the last three Fall Feasts when He comes.
    There are all kinds of study we've done on what is called His Coming in the Former Rain (Spring) and in the Latter Rain (Fall).  Everything fits.  Everything was fulfilled when He came as a Lamb of God (1. Feast of Passover) and as the first who resurrected from the dead (2. Feast of First Fruits) and as the One Who was Sinless & Righteous (3. Feast of Unleavened Bread), and finally (4. Pentecost) when He arose and then sent His Holy Spirit to be with us forever.
    We know when He returns He will fulfill the Fall Feasts in the same way > (1. Feast of Trumpets) when He will be annointed and crowned King of Kings, (2. Yom Kippur/Day of Atonement ) when He will judge the Sheep & the Goats as to the survivors of the nations who will go into the Kingdom in their mortal bodies, and (3. Feast of Tabernacles) when He will finally dwell/live in the midst of His people and judge and rule the nations during His Kingdom Reign.
    We are almost there.  But first must come the great tribulation - 3 1/2 years which Jesus spoke of in Matthew 24.  Satan will be full of wrath and will persecute God's people, this will cause them to turn back to the God of their fathers, the God of Abraham, Isaac & Jacob.  God will then turn His wrath upon Israel's enemies and when Jesus returns, He will slay His enemies, His people will finally recognize Him (whom they pierced and they will mourn for him as an only son) and all of Israel will be saved.  This is the time at the end of "Jacob's Trouble" when Jacob/Israel will be saved out of destruction and annihilation.  Israel will be redeemed by Christ and will become Head of all nations on Earth during the Millennial Kingdom.
    Where we are now is right smack before the midpoint when the great tribulation will begin.....hence, why we expect the Rapture NOW.  The generation that won't pass till all things be fulfilled is ripe NOW.  Much longer and they would pass away.
    This is the Set Time God has promised to accomplish.  It is almost unbelievable that we are here to be part of this time on earth.  It's actually BETTER than if we'd been alive to see Jesus when He came the first time, because this time we will not see His suffering, but His GLORY!....and be part of it! 
    What I've already written is thrilling enough by itself, and should give you confidence of "what time it is."  But let me address your concern regarding the doctrine of "no man knoweth the day nor hour" which Jesus spoke of.   The context of this statement was that His disciples were asking when would be the end of the world.  and what would be the signs of His coming?  Jesus' statement that "no man knows" is what is called an "axiom" (a self-evident truth that needs no proof).  For instance, at the beginning of each New Year, Rosh HaShanah was said to be "the day which no man knows."  This did not mean no one would know when Rosh HaShannah would begin because they knew when to expect it.  What it meant was because Rosh HaShannah was a two-day event (Jewish days are from evening to morning, encompassing two days of our time) that when the new moon was sighted, then would begin the New Year.....thus, "no man knew the day or the hour" that Rosh HaShannah would actually begin.  In Jesus' day, that axiom meant if someone said "no man knoweth the day" it was automatically understood they were speaking of Rosh HaShannah.  We do the same thing today....for instance, if we hear someone say "Next week is Turkey Day" we know they are referring to Thanksgiving.  Another reason Jesus made the statement that "no man knoweth the day nor the hour" is because technically that is true.  If we are looking at the "day of" Feb. 17 (evening)-Feb. 18 (morning) we don't really know which of the two overlapping days are when the Lord would be coming back.  Do you see what I mean?  But, we ARE to KNOW the times and the seasons so that we will be watching at those very ripe times when He indicates He may come. 
    As I said before, we are not prophets - all we can do is study to try to understand His Plan and His Times.  He does have a Set Time - an Appointed Time - to fulfill everything and it was put into place even before the foundations of the world was laid --- just as your name was recorded in the Lamb's Book of Life before time even existed, because He foreknew that you would come to salvation by Faith in Him.    
    No, God didn't construct a puzzle for only those with the patience, knowledge and will power to piece it together.  But all of us are on different levels of some it's given to delve deeper into prophecy, to some it's given to concentrate on preaching the gospel, to others it's given to serve others in various capacities.  We all have the obligation to do unto others as we would have them do unto us, and we all certainly ought to love and care for one another no matter what.  I am only trying to do what God has put in my heart to understand - and sometimes it's a prickly matter to try to share what I've learned when I know people have their pre-set/pre-taught ideas to the contrary.  But I've stuck my neck out at various times when I thought it important enough to "warn" you how close we are, or if a certain (recent) date seemed like it could happen (albeit according to my often faulty understanding.  I guess the question is would you rather know --- or not know---if the Lord could return at a given time?  I know many people do NOT want to know.  It disrupts their lives if they think they have to consider the ramifications of leaving everything behind or undone or even possibly fear that they might be left behind themselves.  It's like thinking about your own mortality - but we have ETERNAL LIFE!  YEt even that scares some people.....they (none of us really) can imagine eternal life, never dying, what will it be like to live with Jesus, what will we do, etc. etc.  It's mind boggling.
    As for the Timeline, there are so many things that have already happened that follow the same analogy as the historic record and that is how we know we are on the right track.  God tells a story in His Word, an historic reality that holds prophetic spiritual meaning (past & future) and if we follow it, we can know that history will repeat itself and so we can know what is coming and what will happen.  The trick is to match the historic record with what is happening now, WITHOUT stretching or trying to make it fit in our own concept.  Have we done that?  YES!  There is so much evidence, so much proof, that we are where we are right now! 
    God says HE SEES THE END FROM THE BEGINNING.  It is His Omnipotence, His foreknowledge, that knows how everything will end before it even begins!
    It is why He gave us the parables - to teach what will be happening from what has already happened.
    For instance:  The Valley of the Dry Bones.  God showed Ezekiel a valley with dry bones scattered about it.  God asks Ezekiel if he thinks these dry bones can live again?  Then God commanded the prophet to speak to the bones: "Behold I will cause breath to enter into you, and ye shall live. And I will lay sinews upon you, and will bring up flesh upon you, and cover you with skin, and put breath in you, and ye shall live; and ye shall know that I am the Lord." (Ezekiel 37:4-6).  This parable is speaking about ISRAEL.  After Jesus died and the Temple destroyed in 70 A.D. Israel was scattered across the world, no longer a nation (dry bones).  God is showing Ezekiel the "dry bones" (Israel) will live again, to come together with sinews, muscle,flesh, & skin.  But verse 8 says "And when I beheld, lo, the sinews and the flesh came upon them, and the skin covered them above, BUT THERE WAS NO BREATH IN THEM."    This means that until God breathes His breath -His SPIRIT- into them, they will not be spiritually alive.  But the day is coming when they WILL receive His Spirit - when Jacob/Israel is saved out of trouble and is redeemed at the end of days.  this is for our understanding of how important it was for Israel to be literally resurrected from the dead (dry bones) and how God's Spirit will be breathed into them and they will live in His sight eternally.
    I already told you about the parable of the Fig Tree and how important that is to show Israel's birth and growth (literally the fulfillment of the dry bones) and the beginning of the end days when the second generation of Israel as a nation will not pass away till everything (their redemption) is fulfilled.  But with that will come the redemption of the whole world - all of Creation!  In the Kingdom of God on Earth, the curse will be lifted and the world redeemed to the way it was meant to be.
    There are sooo many issues at hand to show you how and why we are at the point in history that we are.  In the year 2,000 the Hebrew calendar declared the ending of 6,000 years of history.  Remember that God had granted man 6,000 years and the 7,000th year (the Sabbath) is His.  It is the concept of a day for a year which is why God made us to understand the days, the weeks, and the Sabbaths.  When the 6,000 years (6 days) designated for man ended, the 7th Day, the Sabbath Day, belongs to the Lord.  It was the Lord's Day and in it He began to turn worldwide attention to Israel and Jerusalem became a "cup of trembling" to the world.  It was the Second Week of Jacob's Trouble, with the Third Week beginning in 2007, equivalent to the LAST WEEK designated for Israel before her redemption - the 70th Week of Daniel.  I would like to tell you again (in person) the details of the Three Weeks of Jacob's Trouble, which follows the EXACT pattern and analogy found in the years 1993-2000.....2000-2007......and 2007 to where we are now in 2011.  Everything fits.
    So, why, I know you're wondering, did January 26/27 "fail"?  Why did Feb. 5/6 "fail"?  And why are we now saying Feb. 17/18?  (Thursday night/Friday morning!!!)
     Here's why.  Knowing this is the "time and season" for Christ's return, and following the exact pattern of the historic record (which God uses to show the END FROM THE BEGINNING) we know that we are in a Sabbath cycle of 7 years with the ending of the Sabbath cycle and beginning of a new one on Rosh HaShannah 2014.  Counting backward from that known date (you must have a known date from which to count) we saw Jan. 26th evening/27th day as the 1335th day of Daniel 12:12 > "Blessed is he that waiteth and cometh to the thousand three hundred and five and thirty days."  The 1335th day comes before the 1290th day of Daniel in which Dan. 12:11 says is the day the Abomination of Desolation is set up.  THAT is the beginning of the time of great tribulation!  The Rapture must come before then as we are not appointed unto wrath.  So we counted 1335 days backwards FROM Rosh HaShannah 2014 (the first Fall Feast which Jesus will fulfill).  We were wrong because we now understand something we did not realize until then. (I'll tell you in a minute.)
    When Jan. 26/27 "failed" we looked to the next Feast He will fulfill (Day of Atonement/Yom Kippur.....Feb. 5/6.....the end of the ten days between Rosh HaShannah and Yom Kippur when the Judgment of the Sheep & Goats will take place (mortals who survived the tribulation of the nations who will be judged to enter the Kingdom.)  When that second Fall Feast passed with no Rapture, there is only ONE left......Feast of Tabernacles.  Bingo!  We understood something we didn't before.
    We understood that for the Marriage Supper of the Lamb to take place and for the Kingdom to commence, ALL - EVERYBODY who would enter the Kingdom of God on Earth would have to be present for it to be fulfilled!!!  This meant that the Resurrected Old Testament Saints, and the New Testament "dead-in-Christ" saints, and the live-raptured believers, and the tribulation martyrs, and the mortals who were judged to enter the kingdom MUST ALL BE PRESENT.  In other words, during the last Fall Feast, ALL of us would be living WITH the Lord in the Kingdom on Earth.  During Tabernacles, the Jews dwell in "booths" to commemorate living in the wilderness.  This means we are remembering what it was like to live in the world, the wilderness, as we are sojourners/pilgrims just passing through (this life on this planet.)  But once the 7 days of Tabernacles (living in booths) are through, it is the 8th day.....meaning a new beginning!  It is then that Scriptures says on the 8th day after the 7 Feast days are through, we no longer dwell in booths but live with the Lord in His Kingdom.
    Do you SEE the significance of the Feast of Tabernacles and how we ALL must be there?  Do you see why counting backwards -not from Rosh HaShannah or Yom Kippur- but from Tabernacles 2014 when it all becomes a reality, it is why we count backwards to the 1335th day - BLESSED are those who waiteth and cometh to the 1335th day!!! 
    A mere three weeks or so later the time of great tribulation begins - and we can readily see the state this world is in - especially in the Middle East and surrounding Israel.  Even the Muslims are now looking for their own version of the messiah - the IMAM - which is really the same as the antichrist.  Everyone is looking for something to happen.  They don't know what - but we do!
     One last thing and then I will finish.  In John 7 we SEE the confirmation of this Timeline.  You can read it for yourself but I will sum it up here.  Jesus and His disciples are in the Galilee.  They have to head for Jerusalem because the Feast of Tabernacles is coming up and all were required to attend this Feast in Jerusalem.  Jesus tells His disciples to go on ahead without Him and He would follow later.  They go on ahead without Him. When they get to Jerusalem people are asking where is Jesus? Many know of His preaching and teaching and want to see and hear Him.  They keep asking WHERE IS HE?  But in verse 10 it says "But when His brethren were gone up, THEN WENT HE ALSO UP UNTO THE FEAST, NOT OPENLY, BUT AS IT WERE IN SECRET."   Verse 14 then says, "Now about THE MIDST OF THE FEAST Jesus went up into the temple, and taught."  Then in verse 30 it says: "They sought to take Him (for His supposed blasphemic teaching) but no man laid hands on him, because His hour was not yet come."  In other words, He "disappeared again."
    But look at verse 37!!! > "IN THE LAST DAY, THAT GREAT DAY OF THE FEAST, JESUS STOOD AND CRIED, SAYING, IF ANY MAN THIRST, LET HIM COME UNTO ME, AND DRINK, etc. etc.  In the LAST GREAT DAY of the FEAST Jesus stands up and offers an invitation to all who thirst to come to Him, to believe on Him!  The Last great day of the Feast is a SABBATH!  It is finished.  Everyone is there and the Kingdom begins!
    John 7 shows the 7 day feast - it shows His coming in secret in the midst of the feast (THIS IS THE RESURRECTION/RAPTURE IN THE MIDST OF THE WEEK) and it shows His coming again at the END of the feast to offer all eternal life.  It is a composite of the Timeline which we have been teaching all along.
    One last thing before I close.  There is a special significance to counting from (and to) The Feast of Tabernacles 2014.  It is a "reciprocal count" has significance on both ends.  We couldn't say that about the count "to and from" Rosh Hashannah, or "to and from" Atonement!!!  But we surely see it in Tabernacles!!!!  Here is why:  First we count 1335 days BACKWARDS from Tabernacles 2014 and arrive at the "Blessed are those who come to this day."  This is the Resurrection/Rapture.  We are truly blessed to be among those who to go home with the Lord and escape the wrath that is coming upon the world via Satan and then God.  the Rapture is a marker for those who are left behind, for FROM the day of the Rapture (Feb. 17/18) counting FORWARD TO Tabernacles 2014, the day of "blessedness" is then for those who come out of the great tribulation and those who enter the kingdom as mortals as well.  You could call Tabernacles a Double Blessing!
    Thus, the significance of the Feast of Tabernacles is that it is for ALL Who will be blessed and arrive at the 1335th day (whether counting backward or forward)!!! 
    Just let me say this - if this time it does not happen - we are out of time.  There are no more Feasts to be fulfilled except the literal ones - which means perhaps there will not be a rapture until the END before God's wrath is poured out upon the unbelieving world.  Let us hope and pray that we have it right this time.  If not, though our understanding be faulty, we know that all these things will be fulfilled by Him and that we have no need to fear anything.  He will never leave us nor forsake us.  We are already seated in the High Heavenly places as far as He is concerned.  We have eternal Life through Him.
    Everything He has planned will be accomplished inspite of our human frailty and inability to comprehend.  He doesn't need us - we need Him.  Hang in there and pray for His coming now.  We are living in a momentous time in history!  We Cannot Imagine what Jehovah has in Store For Those who Love Him. 
    I love you all and I want you all to be ready - if not for now - to at least understand what is coming and that we are all safe in His love - eternally and forever.....'cuz that's what forever is for! 
Shalom, Sherry
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