Shabach (21 Feb 2011)
"re: Frank R Molver: priest question"

In your 2/19/2011 post you wrote:

The priests that approached the Holy of Holies in the old temple had a rope tied around there ankle and a bell on their foot.
If they were unworthy to be in there God would strike them dead.
If the bell stopped ringing they knew that God was not pleased and they had to haul the body out.

I have heard this about the rope on the High Priest's ankle, as has another friend of mine, but we've never been able to find the rope being tied around the priest's ankle mentioned in the Bible. (I know there are bells on the priest's garment hem, and I always thought those bells were for the same reason you stated for the bell.)  Where did you find the information regarding the rope, though?  We've been trying to find that info in the Scriptures for a long time.  Thank you!