Sara Reynolds (23 Feb 2011)
"Kyle and Sara's Dream"

The dream I had last night was, I was trying to use the bathroom, but the lights wouldn't work.  So, I tried to go to the kitchen to get light bulbs.  Then, suddenly a strong force pulled me.  Satan tried to attack me.  Then further in the dream, I tell Kyle about my dream.  Kyle's dream was we were trying to run away from the police because they were imposing the Mark of the Beast.  When we went to the car and tried to start it, we realize that the cop pulled the alternator off.  The police took us to the station.  At the station, Kyle saw a man with a beard and a mustache in a green army suit.  He said, "Take the mark!"  Kyle told him No, I'm a believer in Jesus Christ.  The man told me the same thing and I told him No, I'm a believer in Jesus Christ.  Then, the man said, "Take off their heads."  Then, Kyle and I ran.  And that was the end of the dream.  We are getting closer to the Tribulation Period.
Sara Reynolds.
PS:  Has anybody had any simular dreams?  Also, Kyle and I heard in our head the Rapture Trumpet.  We felt it through our ears, vibrate through our bodies from our stomach to our feet.