Rowina (25 Feb 2011)
"Laura, on Hagee's letter"

Laura, I am confused!  On the web site you link, John Baptist posts
John Hagee's letter.  As far as I can read it, Hagee is saying that the
signs show that the rapture is imminent.  But John Baptist says that
Hagee is showing humility by reversing his previous stand--implying,
I guess, that Hagee was not pre-trib.

To my knowledge, John Hagee has always been pre-trib.  I have not
watched him in years, but my husband and I used to watch him fairly
regularly.  I believe he is and always has been pre-trib.

I am interested in seeing this letter of John Hagee.  I agree with him
that the events going on in the world show that the rapture is at hand.
I am declaring to Him that I am ready by depending only on Him.  I
am depending by faith on being saved by His grace even though I am
not worthy.  I believe that makes me ready?

Some say I have to be "perfect" to be raptured.  I do not think that
goes with the Bible, which says we cannot be perfect, but must have
faith in the saving grace of Jesus' death for us.

I just cannot imagine any of us making ourselves perfect before the
rapture.  If we are "without spot and wrinkle" it is because Jesus made
us so.

But that debate, about perfection, is not a part of what Hagee or John Baptist
were discussing in today's article.  It's all about whether Hagee changed his
mind.  I don't think so--but I admit I have not watched him in several years.