Rowina (23 Feb 2011)
"To Joe on deaths in our circle of acquaintances"

Joe, you say there have been unusually high deaths in your circle
of friends.  So too in mine. 

I am online with people who have one of the "myeloproliferative syndromes",
and among them suddenly there are a large number dying.  People giving
up and signing up for hospice, for instance.  Suddenly several of those.
it is an entirely different atmosphere on these lists, with people talking not
so much about medical intervention and coping as about preparing to move

Interestingly, these are not primarily Christian people, although some
certainly are.  Many are Jewish, as it is thought that the myeloproliferative
diseases may come from Jewish genes--yet research on that is just
beginning, as these are rare diseases and only recently defined even
partially.  The MPN lists draw people from across the world, just as Doves
does--there are people from Australia, New Zealand, Israel, UK, Japan,
Brazil, Canada, USA, Africa, France, and so forth, but primarily, of course, from
those who speak English.  One list allows people to express their faith,
another list prohibits discussion of faith as too "controversial". 

I have written privately to some who are dying.  This includes those who
have posted that they are dying and those who have not posted that, but
whom I know privately consider themselves to be "circling the drain."

I have realized that I too am "circling the drain" but it does not feel wrong
now.  It's time to either be raptured or die.

But to get back to your thought, Joe, whatever you meant by your post,
and whatever people are reacting to their increasing awareness of death,
people are "going".  And maybe the Lord is calling more to awareness
of their deaths.  It's not "intervention by doctors" time.  It's intervention
by God time.