Rowina (21 Feb 2011)
"To Michael C., on the "face of the risen Christ""

Michael, a couple of times I have posted that I saw what I believe to be the
face of the risen Christ, twenty years ago.

I think that Jesus appears with different features to different people, as long
as we are on Earth.  In Heaven, we may all see Him more accurately as He
really is.

When I saw Him, I saw Him as He knew I wanted Him to be, healthy,
without scars, in fact, Risen.  He did not appear suffering, as sometimes
He does in icons.  He looked happy yet serious, not smiling but complete.

Someone else on Doves has seen Him with blue eyes;  I saw Him with
brown eyes.  In the Far East, He may appear with oriental features, and
some have claimed that He actually was black.

So although we see Him with varying features, it is still Him.

Some day we will see Him as He really is, but perhaps even then He
will appear to us, sometimes, with features which are special in our
understanding of Him.

Oh that this blessed day would come.