Rowina (17 Feb 2011)
"Purim Katan is this Friday"

Little Purim is this Friday on the Jewish calendar, beginning this
Thursday evening.  It occurs in a leap year.  The main Purim festival occurs
30 days later.

The information I read on a Jewish site stated that Purim will be the only
festival which will be left after Redemption, because it is the one of pure
Joy.  And Katan Purim, or Little Purim, is especially joyful because no
Mitzvoh (good works) are commanded for that day--only joyful remembrance.
Joy, Simcha, is commanded to all who follow HaShem.

However, an unjoyful event is set to occur this Friday too.  This Friday in the
UN Security Council the US will refrain from vetoing the condemnation of
Israel building settlements on her land.

This would be a great day to go home.  To leave the unjoyful UN Security
Council vote, which will offend God, and achieve complete joy by being with
the Lord.

SImcha to all!  Joy!