Rowina (16 Feb 2011)
"Thanks for prayers for me"

I was gone all last week, so I don't know if anyone responded in a letter
to my prayer request for my health.  I went to the Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale
to see if there is any chemo I can take without overwhelming side effects.
I hope to hear from the hematologist today, after he's gone over the many
tests I had.  But I know some of you prayed for me while I was gone..

I have come these past days to appreciate the suffering of our Lord,
because of the pain in my feet which got worse (small fiber neuropathy)
with the chemo I was on.  This pain can also affect the fingers and palms,
although I've not had it there except one twinge one day.  It makes me
realize the pain He felt with nails in His hands.  I already appreciated His
sacrifice, so I didn't need this demonstration, but now I appreciate it more.
It's almost overwhelming to think about.

I am glad I have not had it in my hands, so that I can write on the computer.
My eyes were healed 13 years ago just before I went "online"--I could not
have used a computer if they had not been healed (in a church service).

I met a woman in Scottsdale, a Christian, who has the same exact two
blood cancers I have.  Even one of these is rare (five in a million in America).
Must be related somewhere?  Against ALL odds her husband has ANOTHER
type of this myeloproliferative disease, yet has lived many years with it.  How
about that for a rare grouping?  The doctor thinks it's hereditary.