Robert Belanger (24 Feb 2011)
"Re: Nicole: The Finish Line"

Thanks for a great message. We all need to focus on the Finish Line, since we are getting so very close to the Rapture fo the Bride of Christ. I find myself becoming, like you, more focused on the FInish Line and less about the scenery, i.e., the wars and rumors of wars, earthquakes, political turmoils, apostate churches, and demonic deceptions in the form of UFOs, prophetic dreams of Nostradamus or Edgar Cayce, etc.
We all need to stop wasting time and energy that can be better employed in the Lord's service in these last days and hours. Like the passengers on the Titanic, but with the certain knowledge that the ominous iceberg is just hours ahead, we need to see if we can
1) embrace the truth and accept Jesus as the only way of salvation and stop just intellectually believing it and instead know beyond any shadow of doubt that Jesus is indeed the promised saviour of all who accept His gift,
2) be aware of any opportunity to witness our certainty of salvation to any other person who comes into our lives needing such information from someone they trust to tell the truth, and
3) dignify our walk in the narrow Christ-inspired and enabled way by purging those remaining sins that are a stain on our wedding garment, even though they will not bar us from seeing the Kingdom (but though we are inside the body of Christ we may be kept outside the walls of the Kingdom for a while until we truly repent and sacrifice these last remnants of self to God our loving and caring Creator).
See you soon in the Rapture.