Robert Belanger (24 Feb 2011)
"Re: Gerry Almond: Resurrection of the Dead in Christ"


Regarding your story of the 20 coffins resurrected by the flooding of the Mississippi river where 5 were empty and 15 had bodies in them. The following is where my imagination and association clues led, for what it is worth. The theme seems to be the general resurrection is in 2015 and the 5 who are missing are the five wise virgins.


Consider the equation

20 – 5 = 15, if we delete the 5 (since they had no bodies in them) and join the integers from both sides of the equation, we have 2015.


Rabbi Biltz says the second coming of Christ could be in 2015 because of the tetrad of lunar and solar eclipses. See these two links for further information concerning the significance of the blood moons and solar blackouts.


Five are already gone at the general resurrection in 2015, from the raising of the coffins in the river representing the second coming of Christ as Messiah. Five who? Perhaps the five wise virgins are gone since the rapture of the Church in 2011, four years before the general resurrection in 2015.


The church yard cemetery where the coffins came from was at the St. Genevieve church.


St. Genevieve became a nun at the age of 15.

She is the patron saint of Paris and was canonized in 500 AD


See the following link for biographical details relating to St. Genevieve:


At one time she had visions and prophecies. Her enemies wanted to drown her.

Their animosity was finally overcome and the bishop appointed her to look after the welfare

of the virgins dedicated to God.


Shortly before the attack by Attila in 451 AD she passed through the siege in a boat and

delivered grain to the city of Troyes (French for three).


YBIC, Robert