Robert Belanger (18 Feb 2011)
"Re: Sherry Vance"

Thank you so much Sherry for your "Letter to Those I care About". I hope with all my heart that the date of Febuary 17-18 2011 does turn out to be THE DAY of resurrection / rapture. We have all been waiting, watching and wondering when we will eventually be correct in our understanding and have identified that day accurately. Of course, many will still not believe, and many do not want to know as you stated.
I do want to know and do believe that someday, if not February 17-18 2011, will be that day and I look forward with you and many others who believe in Christ for their salvation to seeing and living in the presence of the only person we should trust for our future, eternal life. I praise you, Sherry, for writing your message and know you will be rewarded some day, hopefully real soon.
There is not much more to say except fasten your seat belt and prepare for a gentle and swift takeoff from planet earth!
May God forever bless and keep you, Sherry.