Robert Belanger (17 Feb 2011)
"Prayer for Tracey "

We can increase in purity by our actions taken in love towards others. Tracey is the mother of two daughters who she is caring for and raising. She has been diagnosed with extensive bone cancer and needs to have you and I send up our prayers for her healing, so that she will be able to care for those two daughters instead of leaving them to the care of her parents who are not in good health and in their 70's.
Join me by reading the words of this simple prayer.
Dearest heavenly Father,creator of all worlds and of all people who walk on this planet Earth, please look down on your humble servant, Tracey, as she faces the threat of cancer with pain but above all else a sadness because of her leaving behind the two special daughters you sent to her for her care and upbringing in the knowledge and love for You, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.
Please spare her and her daughters from this impending tragedy and show again that You are indeed a great God of mercy and grace. I have seen You respond to a mother's cries to be left alive to care for another creature and know that it one of the most noble gestures that mankind can show--to care about one's live simply as Your avenue to provide sustenance and love to others.
Dear Father, we want to do Your will and nothing else really matters. If it be possible for this terrible sentence of cancer and death to be removed from Tracey's life now we pray that You make it so now. Tracey will tell her testimony of Your grace and mercy to many, and they will be turned towards You at that time. Hopefully, many will be brought into Your Kingdom by Your act of mercy.
We thank You now from the bottom of our heart and soul for hearing and responding to our cry for help as You think best. Our plea is a simple one and flows from the love that You gave to us through the Holy Spirit that Jesus sent to us after His great sacrifice for our liberation from the power of sin. Please honor the simple, humble and contrite spirit that lives in your servant Tracey who cares for her daughters first and foremost. We share her concerns and send this prayer to You in the hope that You will also see her motives above and beyond any reproach.
Please heal Tracey now and let her live a long life, Please Father, please.
We thank You for hearing us and considering our prayer in light of Your infinite knowledge and love. We of course must end by asking that Your will be done, not ours and that you provide us with understanding if we are asking amiss, though we cannot see how our request is different from the spirit of concern You expressed by giving Your only begotten Son for our salvation.