Rick Hedrick (25 Feb 2010)
"Current Events and the Rapture"

What is going on in the world right now is telling us that we are rushing headlong into the 70th Week, and as "pre-tribbers" know, the Rapture will be happening before God allows the White Horse to ride.  The "distress among nations with perplexity" that we are witnessing, and was foretold by the Lord, is what is paving the way for the entrance of the Antichrist.  I do not believe that the Bride of Christ is intended to remain in this world as the chaos gets to the point where the Antichrist is required.  God is now ending the Age of Grace, and He is preparing the world for its final judgment and redemption.  And He is not going to leave His Bride down here to participate in any part of the 70th Week. 
So, we have to be extremely near to the Rapture, as current events are rushing the world into the 70th Week.   It may all spell gloom and doom for the world, but its indicating to the Church that we are about to be taken out of here.  I agree that 2018 seems very likely as the year of the Second Coming.  And if we count back from there 7 years, that 2011 seems very likely the year of the Rapture, and beginning of the 70th Week.  Focusing on world events, because they are very much real and they will verify where we are on God's timeline. 
The Psalm 83 war is about to happen.  We don't know if the Church will be here to witness that.  But we do know that out of the present chaos in the Middle East, and the resulting Psalm 83 war, that the Antichrist will stepping into the picture and assuming his role.  And we do know that the Church will be gone prior to this.  And how close is this war?  Well, think of it this way.  If all of these Arab countries overthrow their leaders, then new leaders will have to take control in all of the counties mentioned in Psalm 83 before a coordinated attack on Israel can take place.  This would take quite awhile for these countries with their new leaders to organize themselves and coordinate an attack on Israel.  If the war is to occur after these counties have new leaders, then it could be years before the war happens.  However, perhaps the present leaders, whose leadership is being revolted against, will be so determined to fulfill their desire to see Israel destroyed before they are removed from office, that they will be sure to get this war started while they are still in office.  As a result of the war, their armies will be destroyed, and they will then be easily removed from office.  Then the Antichrist steps in and takes control of these leaderless counties, makes/confirms a covenant with Israel, and so on.  This scenario would require that the war take place before all of these leaders lose their office.  And that would put the Psalm 83 war in the VERY near future, judging from how quick Mubarak was overthrown. 
I encourage everyone to not lose patience, and to not fear what is happening in the World.  Remember our citizenship is in Heaven.  We are not of this world.  What is happening in the Middle East and to the American economy is intended for those of the unrepentant world to experience as part of god's judgment.  We are moments away from the closing of the Age of Grace, and the final act will be the removal of the Holy Spirit and the Church from the world.  We may witness the Psalm 83 war, or we may not.  But we will not witness the opening of the first seal and the rise of the Antichrist that will result from this war. 
Keep watching world news, because the Lord is showing us that the 70th Week is about to begin, and the Bride is about to depart.