Rene (23 Feb 2011)
"IS this IT??? IS THIS OUR RAPTURE DATE???!!!!!!!! EXCITING!!!!!!!!!!!!"

I think I know the connection between the 153 (maybe!) that I've been seeing everywhere - daytime, middle of the night -  for years now --- and the RAPTURE connection. COULD IT BE??? POSSIBLY???
The 153rd day of the year --- THIS YEAR!!!!!!
 is June 2nd and
June 2nd is ASCENSION DAY!!!!!
IS THIS IT? Is 06/02/11 our rapture date????
Even so, come quickly, Lord Jesus!
Bob Ware - thanks for that great post -
and others for your interesting comments
on the 153#!!!!  06-02-2011 - IS THIS OUR
ASCENSION - when that great Trumpet
Sounds????? June is famous as the
month of BRIDES --- of WEDDINGS!!!
The precious stone of June is the PEARL!!!!
AND a new earthquake at CHRISTSCHURCH? How
odd is that???  How close are we folks????