Randy (9 Feb 2011)
"China Ghost City; I find this BAZAR Economically !!!!"

I thought this was WILD.......so I searched some more.........
This is a TIME magazine article....with links to photos......
This could NEVER happen in America.  Ya, to OVERBUILD across the whole country in America, especially in the Sun Belt is one thing.  But to build an ENTIRE CITY that now stands empty.....that's just wierd!!
I knew China was heading toward a housing bubble.  But to have an entire large city stand empty?
How does a person (or country) account for the economically?  Ya, you built ALOT of homes and apartments...but they stand EMPTY?  Who carries the bill for this?  How do you account for that in the whole of China's GDP?
What happens when you have economic activity to build all this and then it isn't used?
Seems like an economic SHELL Game???    
Why hasn't this info hit main stream US news?  Or the money news??
This type of NON-SOLD (non used) housing would CRUSH the US Economy if that happened here......