Randy (22 Feb 2011)
"Rapture Ready article on US Dollar and SDR's (Special Drawing Rights) Frank Molver look here"

Article this week from Rapture Ready.
International Monetary Fund (IMF) officials recently let it be known the direction of their thinking for solving the growing economic crises facing the nations of earth. Their cogitations, it is no surprise to those of us who view ongoing developments from the perspective of Bible prophecy, include two basic elements: 1) They want a single monetary unit; and 2) they want to make it electronic currency. Special Drawing Rights--SDR--represents a synthetic electronic basket of currencies. This system has been around for many years, but now, enhanced by tremendous advances in technology, is viewed by the powers that be as representing a genuine device to take down the American dollar and establish a monetary device that can power the much-desired New World Order.
The proposed currency unit of the IMF’s blueprint–the electronic monetary unit we in this column have consistently written about as likely part of an end-times economic regime--is termed Special Drawing Rights. Lack of confidence in the U.S. dollar as the world’s reserve currency is purportedly at the center of the IMF’s increased insistence that the world be moved to a new single world currency unit. The organization, in issuing a report, "Enhancing International Monetary Stability—A Role for the SDR," sees the SDR as an embryo out of which a truly one-world economic system can grow.
The powers that be, according to the report, see SDR as a transitional monetary device–a seed for bringing into being something far more effective. The report states: "In the even longer run, if there were political willingness to do so, these securities [currencies wrapped in the SDR] could constitute an embryo of global currency."
The SDR, as stated previously, has been around for many years. But, it has, with the advances in technology, reached the point the globalists believe it can be used to oust the dollar and institute a fiscal entity capable of giving them more control, thus increased power over world economy. According to wikipedia.com:
The SDR is a hybrid. SDRs are part U.S. dollar, part euro, part yen and part British pound. In particular, the following is how each SDR currently breaks down....
U.S. Dollar: 41.9%
Euro: 37.4%
Yen: 9.4%
British Pound: 11.3%
Russia’s once-and-future president, Vladimir Putin, for one, is unhappy with the arrangement of SDR structure as it currently exists. China, with its burgeoning economic power, certainly objects to that structure. The SDR will doubtless undergo dynamic changes in coming months, if indeed it will be at the center of a new global order as IMF titans envision.

For Frank Molver......
So far this year....the US dollar is doing just fine and so are the markets.  4 more months for your prediction of the Total Collapse of the US dollar prediction back in January. (I was watching!!) 
I think the attack on the US Dollar.......may try to come via the SDR's as per the article above.  We shall see. 
I still believe, without the Rapture.....the world economy will keep chugging along...BUT...
Things continue to BUILD and BUILD.....prices for food are going up, the turmoil in the Middle East...WOW. 
This is their " Berlin Wall moment!"  Once the Rapture happens......EVERYTHING blows up.......
the Middle East could be a real game-changer!!