R1000 (6 Feb 2011)
"Egypt  VS  Egypt"

Hello  Doves
God announced that brothers would fight brothers. One against the other.
Ez 38 : 21   ;  Hagg 2:22 ; Zac 14: 13 ; I Sam 14 : 20
And Isaiah  19 : 2 - 4     The next president might be a cruel one  over Egypt.
That clash in Egypt , everyone can see in the streets . people fighting each other.
Let pray that they don't  turn  against  Israel and start a fight on the southern  border of Israel.  Then  Israel would have  Hezbolah in the north  ,Palestinians on the West  and Egypt in the South.
Lets look at King Adallah 11  in Jordan ( east) , he changed his government at the same time...  Is that a sign that  everyone is playing a role in preparing for an Israel surprise ?
Lets  Pray   that   YHWH    keeps  a protective eye on  us( believers ).
In Yeshua 's  Name.
From   R- 1000