R1000 (18 Feb 2011)
"Shroud of Turin  :  Ed , Fay , Robert Bélanger , Suzi"

From  : R- 1000
All Doves...   I  would like to add a few things about the Shroud of Turin.
I  will use the Bible to answer the scientists and all  the studies that are made on that Shroud.
These passages are for everyone interested to  test  this and compare to the Holy Words of GOD.
This   C14   taken by scientists, the result came out that the Shroud dated around Approx. 13  th century. These scientists
don't believe in the Bible ; most of the time.
The Bible has the answers :  2 TIM 3 :  16    All scripture is given by inspiration of GOD and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof,
for crrection, for instruction in  RIGHTEOUSNESS.
Lets look... shall we :
The first look at the Shroud ,  the thing to observe is the apparence of this man  seems to have
Isaiah speaks about   ISA  52 : 13  Jesus is called...: ''   My Servant..''.......
EZ  44 : 20    Speaking about   the  P r i e s t s    that were in service for GOD were to cut their hair
          V. 20  .. Nor shall they shave their heads, nor let their hair grow long;  BUT they shall keep their hair well trimmed
Heb  7 : 1   says ..... For this Melchizedek , king of Salem , priest of the Most High GOD...... etc...
The rest of the chapter  7  identifies   Jesus as  being the High Priest forever and ever.
 There is none Greater than HIM ( Jesus ).Servant (  Mt 20 :  28 ) : Just as the SON  of man did not come to be served,BUT  
 to serve, and to give His Life  a ransom for many....
 Jesus   had to be  a Servant and the Great Priest  in the order of Melchishedek.
Mt  3 : 17   And suddenly a voice came from heaven saying : '' This is my beloved  SON ,in whom I am  well pleased ''
Luk 9: 35 ...Then a voice came out of the clouds : '' This is my beloved Son ,  hear Him.''
It is said that  long hair is a dishonor  to a  man.    And is also to God  for He had ordered this long before the coming of Jesus(Yeshua ).
I  Cor 11 : 14... Does not even nature itself teach you that if a man has  l o n g  h a i r ,  it is a dishonor to him.
We just read that  The Eternal Father spoke of Jesus as being ''  Well Pleased   and  His BELOVED  SON  .
Who  now is that MAN  pictured in the Shroud ?
Doves... for many centuries , men have adored , honored and praised  articles and pictures  etc   that used to belong to some ancient celebrities.
Tombs of certain saint  , medals, pictures , pieces of clothes, hair,  fingernails  , dust and  earth from certain places etc    these things are uncountable.
 And this go on in different cultures and civilizations  and  religions   , music     etc...
( one point :  look at this: in what hands did the shroud of Turin went through and now protected and praised and veneration done to it  ?)  By   whom ? 
One thing is sure :  The shroud has particularities strange. and  not common.
My personal opinion is that this man was placed in this shroud and a very high power  LIGHT or  X ray or Gama Rays  etc... hit this shroud
at some time.   Could it be  that SATAN ,angel of light   ( 2 Cor 11 : 14 )   could have used this  dead man  and seduced millions of people
with the theory that  it  was    : Jesus  ?   Deception and trichery. 
And if  so ,  Satan  would have proved  that the word of  GOD ,  YHWH,   might have few  errors.   Satan is the great LIAR  and uses similarities
so very close to the truth..  Remember the parable of WHEAT  and the TARES.    MT 13 :  24
Jesus said that both look alike when they grow side by side. But  one is not good and the othe is the real.
Jesus goes on to explain the parable in VER: 37
So , the lies  that  Satan uses,    looks like the truth  but      HEY     The Bible says the real  TRUTH.
Please , DOVES ,  we live in a time so close for HIS return , there is no time to waist  on Human errors and  PRAISE   a shroud.
YHWH  is the ONLY  ONE to  PRAISE.
The Bible teach of the body of Jesus was wrapted in  CLOTHES  ( Plural )   and  another cloth on his face.  And  spices were used.
Would anyone  talk of  a shroud .?  Of approx  14  feet long  ?     We  should be on the  : '' WATCH   OUT   FOR  ''  
Hollywood and  their films. ;....   They always twist the real WORDS written in the Holy BOOK. 
If someone wants to call beauty.... the face of Jesus ;  This person should read   Isa 53 : 2  speaking  of Jesus having no Beauty,
dispised and rejected  by men.   In  movies  we always see Jesus dressed in white  to be recongnized by the viewers.
Remember  that  Juda   had to   kiss him  for the soldiers to  see who he was among his disciples after He had taken and ate the last Passover.
Was Jesus dressed in white...?  It would have been easy for Juda to say :  '' There , the man in white is Jesus ''. 
NO.   Jesus resembled any other man and also dressed like them. He didn't attract any looks different from others.
When He was dead and wrapted in  clothes  with spices  and then placed in a tomb    REMEMBER   friends :
Jesus  was  all   Disfigured  by the beating  and HIS  face  (   Isa  52 : 14  ) Just as many were astonished at you ,
 so  His   VISAGE  was marred more than any man and His form  more than the sons of men. (  all swollen )
In other words..... He didn't  look too good and his face did  not resemble   the face of any man.
Jesus looked like an ordinary man   as the Bible says  but at the crucifixion, his face didn't  look to be human
so His face was swollen and bloody.
Let look at Jesus  YESHUA   as being resurected  and coming soon  and  then we will see HIS  REAL   F A C E .
Thank you  Doves  ..... 
  From....... R - 1000   in the Holy Name of  Jesus