Phil (25 Feb 2011)
"Christchurch 6.3 quake and Pilot Whale stranding"

John and Doves,
Dave Molina thought there might be some connection with the over 100 Pilot Whale stranding at Stewart Island
at the very southern tip of the South Island of New Zealand the day before the devastating quake in Christchurch.
107 is the 29th prime #
I had a look at this stranding at Mason's Bay on Stewart Island on Google Earth.
Oddly enough and this is probably only coincidence you understand but the distance from the epicentre in Christchurch
to this beach is 333 miles. This number is one of the occult's most important numbers. But here it is just coincidence.
Look here for number 333 significance -
And being on Mason's Bay is just one of those silly coincidences too.
Remember too that it is 10,000 miles from Christchurch to Temple Mount, Jerusalem. 100 x 100.
100 miles from Christchurch to Pike River Coal Mine. 10 x 10.
50 miles from Christchurch to Arthur's Pass. (Think Charles Philip Arthur George or William Arthur Philip Louis)
50 miles from Arthur's Pass to Pike River Coal Mine. ie Arthur's Pass is exactly half way.
Distance from Christchurch to New York as per time and date = 9110 miles!!!
Lotsa strange coincidences there alright!
God is still in control.
Keep looking up.