Phil (23 Feb 2011)
"Christchurch to William's Wedding"

John and Doves,
From today, 22/2/2011, the day of the deadly and damaging 6.3 quake in Christchurch, to
29/4/2011, the date of Prince William and Kate's wedding is precisely 66 days.
This number is even more astonishing as this date of 29/4/2011 is the 66th anniversary of
Adolph Hitler's 'wedding' in 1945.
Adding the digits of these two dates adds to 29 which, in turn, adds to 11.
29, as we saw before is the date on which William's parents, Dianna and Charles also wed.
From his parent's wedding day to his own wedding day is 29 yrs and 9 months.
God is still in control.