Phil (22 Feb 2011)
"Mubarak to Christchurch"

John and Doves,
We have all just heard that Christchurch has just suffered a large 6.3M quake with many deaths and lots of damage.
A second major earthquake in the town named CHRISTCHURCH. We should pay attention now!
Because the depth of the quake was only 4km it has caused much more damage than the 7.1 did in Sept, 2010.
The 7.1 was at 11km depth, nearly 3 times deeper.
My prayers go out to all those who have lost loved ones and friends as well as those who are injured.
Go here to see the 34 quakes recorded today so far. Many of them are over 4.0M
including a 5.0, 5.7 and a 5.9.
These are merely my observations concerning this event.
Mubarak stepped down on 11/02/2011 creating Egypt's own "earthquake".
Christchurch 6.3 quake 22/02/2011 just 11 days later.
We saw that the date for Mubarak's resignation, 11022011/11 = 1002001 giving us the 911 year both forwards and backwards.
Now we see that the date for the 6.3 quake, 22022011/11 = 2002001 still gives us the year for 911 forwards but the next year,
2002, backwards.
Christchurch 7.1 first quake was on 4/9/2010.
From the first big quake to today's 6.3 quake is 171 days or 5 months and 18 days.
Today's date is day #53 which is prime #17.
There are 312 remaining days in the year.
312? Where did we see that number recently? In connection with Oprah and her new network show, OWN.
Looking at "OWN" in the English gematria (based on increments of 6) it works out to be 312. 312 of course is 123 in another form
like a count up so to speak.
But 312 is also (8+8+8) x 13. Unbelievable! Triple 8 combined with 13 representing sin or rebellion.
Or, 312 = (13+13+13) x 8. Whoa!
So there are (13+13+13) x 8 days remaining in the year after today.
The Pike River Mine explosion in New Zealand was on 19/11/2010.
From 19/11/2010 to today, 22/02/2011 is 95 days or 3 months and 3 days forming a 33.
There will be earthquakes in diverse places.
Keep looking up,