Phil (19 Feb 2011)
"George Bush "

John and Doves,
In answer to your query about the gematria or rather the day gap between Ariel Sharon and Hosni Mubarak both going into their comas
I can only say that this 1865 day gap is 5 x 373. It is just a sum were 1865 = 5 x 373. And 373 is the Greek gematria for the Word
(LOGOS) as found in John 1:1.
The 5 is just how many times 373 goes into 1865.
5 of course stands for Grace.
Hope that helps
BTW, another article online says that the ex-leader of Tunisia also fell into a coma on about the 15th Feb
Both these ex-leaders in a coma now as well as Ariel Sharon since 2006.
Keep looking up.
God is still in control.