Phil (14 Feb 2011)
"Re Friedrich Wenz "Date 11022011""

John and Doves,
Thanks Friedrich for your maths about the strange date that Mubarak resigned, the 11th Feb, 2011.
Thanks also for the link to the mathsnet site - wish I'd known before! Ha!
I had also looked at this date and came up with a similar answer but first to say that this date 11/02/2011, 11022011 spells
2011 forward and backwards! Wow! Perfect symmetry esp with the 22 in the middle and 11 on either side! And using the 22
in the middle and adding 11 you get 33. And of course 22 is two 11's as it stands.
Now add the columns and you get 1331, 13 forwards and backwards (see below for the second feature of this)
And added together you get 8, their number for their New Beginning (stolen from the Bible).
Then, they tell us that this day was the 18th day of the protests/revolution. Like a script!
Anyway, I found that if you remove the two zero's from 11022011 you get 112211. All very symmetrical!
112211/11 = 10201 and removing the zeros 121 = 11 x 11, the antichrist number.
But using the full number of 11022011/11 = 1002001 giving us the 911 year both forwards and backwards.
And 1002001 = the square of 1001. So, 11 x 1001 x 1001 = 11022011.
And, if you remove the zeros from the 11x1001x1001 you get 11 x 11 x 11 = 1331 or 13 both forwards and backwards.
This may be how they looked at this date for this event (Mubarak resigning).
Keep looking up.
God is still in control,