Phil (11 Feb 2011)
" Re The Green Horse"

John and Doves,
My interpretation of this phenomena is that the 'horse' starts moving to the right at exactly the same time
the camera starts panning to the right. This strongly suggests that the green phenomena is connected directly
with the panning camera. Then, as the camera continues to pan and then go upwards so does the green 'horse'
suggesting even more that it is a reflection of something else.
To me it looks more like somebody riding on a cart - it doesn't seem to resemble a horse at all. I can't tell which
is the front and which is the rear of this 'horse'.
Add to this the fact that there are three dots of the same colour following allong behind the 'horse' and we have more
evidence of 'reflections' causing the phenomenon. Actually I think the three lights following the 'horse' are the reflections
of three lights on lamp posts in the middle of the picture. The flapping in the wind effect of the 'horse' then could be the
reflection of the fireburning in the top mid left of the picture.
Might I suggest a closer, calmer look at this video.
In Jesus Christ's Holy Name,