Paul Heinrich (21 Feb 2011)
"To Jim and others re: Dr. Owuor"

I truly hope that Dr. Owuor is a prophet of God and that time is really over and that the rapture is imminent. I went to his website at to check out his previous prophecies.
I listened to his prophecy of the Haiti earthquake. He said that there is coming a(n) historic earthquake; and that just before the coming of the Lord there will be earthquakes in various places. No location was given. That was the extent of his prophecy.
I then listened to the prophecy of Katrina. He mentioned an Atlantic hurricane that would affect the beaches of the east coast of America. Later during the video there were words printed on screen mentioning the waves inundating New Orleans. There were no quotes around these words and the video of Dr. Owuor's prophecy never mentioned New Orleans.
I truly believe that the rapture is imminent but as yet have no opinion on whether Dr. Owuor is a true prophet of God. I would like a few more specifics in his prophecies. He is definitely an inspired preacher.
See you all soon,
Paul Heinrich