Patty Hayes (9 Feb 2011)
"Ed:  Growing Prophecy Threat"

Hi Ed and Doves,
This is put on by an assembling Preterist Pastors who believe all fulfillment of the Matt. 24 events happened in 70 a.d.  They are not Premillenialist and do not hold to any 7 year Tribulation or Mid-Trib or Post-Trib.
And from what I read they believe we have lost it and we are a threat to the Political arena because we vote and engage politics through the grid of future events looming.  They appear to see us as a threat and therefore feel the need  to "assume" the role of intelligencia and academia as though we are not critical thinkers in reason nor academics.   
The Title of the organization is American Thinker..Restoring America's Biblical Foundation from Genesis to Revelation".
Furthermore, it is sad to me that the host place for this founded by the Southern Baptist, Lifeway.  Historically speaking, the So. Baptist have taught a Premillenial, Dispensational and 7 year Tribulation and 1,000 yr Millenial Reign of Christ, quite in disagreement to the Preterist platform.  There is no representation on this Board at the Conference from other varying viewpoints which leads me to believe there is an tone of arrogance, and a parent/child disciplinary endeavor.
It seems they fail to understand that we have a moral obligation to remain a voice and that the platform of the free marketplace of ideas are not quite yet gone from the political and religious thought.  The Preterist thought has been challenged over and over again by Premillenial Theologians and to date the Preterist have not been convincing in their debate.
Therefore to even title their Organization and Theme of Restoring us back to what they believe is Political/Theological correctness is a bit much for my taste.  And from what I read from bloggers attempting to debate, they appear to "mock" or belittle their attempt.  I wouldn't waste my time with closed-mindedness.   
D. James Kennedy would probably turn over in his grave if he were aware of their attitude of platidtudes.  He was a humble servant of God dedicated to preaching the Word well and accepting other viewpoints with grace.  There are other Reformed Bible Pastors/Theologians who also apply grace in the areas of disagreement.  It is my hopes they will come alongside to teach grace and humility here.
I pray they will truly hear from the Holy Spirit who promises to guide us all into the truth of Scripture will realize that God has not finished with Israel, and therefore the best viewpoint does lend itself to the Premillenial/Tribulational view as our world events seem to confirm.  But it is a caution to us to in kind practice grace and humility as we search the Scriptures and teach it to others who may not see through the same lense as we.
Patty Hayes