Patty Hayes (7 Feb 2011)
"Re: I'm sure everyone has seen the 'pale rider' vid...."

Hi Suzi,
The image you see is most likely the spirit of the 12th Immam as their End Time Prophecy is this One rides on a White Horse leading all the followers into Jerusalem to conquer Israel and then onto the World.  Issa (Jesus), whom they believe is only a prophet, is a "General of the Army" who will, while in Jerusalem,  tell the World he lied and and to point to this 12th Immam that he is their Messiah and to follow him.
By the way the Headquarters of this 12th Immam is Babylon.
Perry Stone received an Iphone video of this Spirit of the 12th Immam who appeared in Iraq and at his Hixson Camp Meeting showed 3 still pictures from the video. This spirit stands in the middle of 2-3 men who were at a celebration and whipping themselves.  This spirit is very tall.
Also, Khamenei, in Iran, the main Immam, stated he has met with this 12th Immam and now is the spokesperson for him.  Joel Rosenberg stated that all this happened in July 2010 and has been quietly being shared throughout the Middle East.
Perry believes he is the best candidate for the Antichrist as they do force people to take a mark and is the primary belief system that promotes decapitation.
Patty Hayes

From: Suzi Edmonds
Sent: Sun, February 6, 2011 11:58:09 AM
Subject: I'm sure everyone has seen the 'pale rider' vid....

*video link at bottom of page, with the "image" appearing at the 1:19 mark and looped to see it again*

but wanted to make sure. It looks to be a reflection on glass, as if the video being taken of the riot was through a closed window, but that sure is a spooky image. Fits the theme.