Patty Hayes (28 Feb 2011)
"This week is a turning point"

Hi all,
I wondered if Oman and Dubai were being passed by.  I saw on the news that protests have begun now in Saudi Arabia and Oman.  Thus far Dubai is not mentioned but I am sure it is on the list as well.
So.. Nigeria, Tunisia, Morrocco, Libya, Egypt, Sudan, Lebanon, Jordan, Yemen, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, Saudi Arabia, and Iraq are either overthrown or in the midst of being overthrown.
We now have an Iranian Warship or two docked in Syria doing joint military manuevers.  Russia is sending to Syria a massive amount of weaponry.  Remember, they also have fleet docked in Syria as well.
Syria has been found with 4 nuclear sights.  Al-Quaeda is poised to try for leadership in Libya.  And the Muslim Brotherhood is biiting out a large role for political leadership in Egypt.  All are seeking the demise of Christians and
Israel and Jews everywhere.   Folks, if you haven't been praying for the safety of our brothers and sisters in Christ, praying for Israel and the Jewish population around our world, time to do so.
And the news over the past few days has been reporting a larger amount of Hezbollah blending in with the Mexican cartels, being hosted by Venezuela to learn Spanish and crossing our borders.  We need to pray for our nation as well.  Also, March 11 is scheduled for a Day of Rage here for America.  Pray, pray, pray and share the Gospel with as many as you are able.  
Patty Hayes